Skyia Selfie Stick for all smartphonesmonopod PA14665674

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"Gone are the days when you need to request by-passers for clicking pictures for you! Yes, we are right as we bring the most handy yet affordable Selfie Stick for you from the house of Shopizone. This assorted colored Selfie Stick comes with a complete blended package of Plug and play feature, no bluetooth pairing required, Premium Quality sponge Rubber for sweat free grip with stainless steel rod and In-Built Groove to prevent device movement. This selfie stick is operated by a AUX cable which connects selfie stick to your phone by headphone jack. You don't need any Bluetooth remote or batteries. It's so easy to mount phone on this selfie stick it just takes seconds and you are ready to click the snaps. How to Use - Open You camera app in your phone and to go to settings (gear icon) find the settings for volume key and change the setting to camera key (shutter button). This selfie stick is supported by iphone and android phone. If your handset doesnt support the selfie's Stick." Country Of OriginChina

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Skyia Selfie Stick for all smartphonesmonopod PA14665674

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