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Portable and detachable telescopic stand, you can take photo with your devices at any time Compatible with all types of smartphones. The phone can only take myopia but can't take pictures of far view, let vision clear representation of your eyes. It Has 8 times zoom, which can adjust the focal length, super wide angle, the optical mount is large, high resolution, color reduction degree. Applicable to watch the game, concerts, tourism, observe animal lovers, news reporter long-distance shooting. It can be useful for Private detective taking pictures forensics, geological exploration, forestry management, railway port scheduling and etc. 8x lens fit for all smartphones bringing you 8 times closer to the picture best use for live events, concerts, sports, adventure and birthday parties. With Water Resistance Bluetooth Shower Speaker with Mic Portable Stereo for Bath,Pool,Car,Beach,Indoor/Outdoor Use. Auto pairing allows for easy connection to your Bluetooth-enabled device: tablets, laptops, smart phones, MP3, MP4, etc. This waterproof shower speakerphone comes with a unique suction cup and a built-in mic with which one can answer calls directly. Multi-task whilst you take a shower or go about your daily life! Use this wonderful little Bluetooth Shower Speaker in the shower, kitchen or simply as a hands-free speaker phone. Country Of OriginIndia

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Captcha Telephoto Lens PA33877385

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